District 41 Democrats

Our Statement of Purpose

The goal of our district is to win elections and place people in office that are best suited to represent the ideals and values of our community. This single purpose is the ultimate driving force behind every action and decision that is made by our district – we must win elections. Our district’s strength lies in its people – our members, leadership, volunteers, elected officials, candidates and voters.

We hope you join us to ensure that District 41 is represented by common sense, hardworking North Dakotans that will do what is right for our district and not push their own personal agenda. We have seen the extremism of Al Carlson and watched him push policies that the average North Dakotan does not support. Our goal is to win and ensure that District 41 has visionary leadership that makes all of us proud.


District 41 Leadership

Chris McEwen. Chair

Paula Thomas Vice Chair

Brandon Medenwald. Second Rep

David Kanenwisher  Secretary

Deb Mathern  Treasurer



Read our District 41 Democratic-NPL Party Bylaws by viewing the PDF.