Paula Thomas


As a member of the Baby Boom generation, I expected to live forever and change the world. At this stage of my life, I realize that I am running a race with time, and time is winning.  So if I am going to change the world, I had better get started.  My passion for changing the world is focused on my grandchildren.  What can I do to begin to ensure a bright future for the young families in District 41?

As a senator for the district, I would make safe, quality and affordable childcare a priority.  For many young families. the cost of childcare is as high as a house payment.  Despite this fact, most daycare workers aren’t paid much more than minimum wage for this important work.  As I walk the district this summer, I will be listening for suggestions to address this concern.

Education of our children is another of my priorities.  Our communities benefit from a well-educated populace.  Free early childhood education and affordable college educations are crucial to ensure opportunity for all.  As senator, I would work to ensure that our state dollars prioritize educational goals as clearly as the subsidies to businesses and corporations.  Relieving the pressure of property taxes on homeowners in supporting this goal is an important component of this challenge.  How do we better prioritize state resources to relieve the pressure on homeowners?

Net neutrality is an issue that concerns all of us.  Universal access to a free internet that does not allow providers to block, slow or overcharge for services is crucial to all aspects of modern life.  We can’t afford to lose this important tool.  I will work to see us join with other states like Montana who will challenge this by insisting that state contracts are granted only to entities who recognize this right.

My team and I believe that our job is to listen to our constituents.  We represent them and will work hard to base our work in Bismarck on the issues that are important to them.  I look forward to working with Pamela and Brandon to Focus on the Future!